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Courses for tiling

The five-day wall and floor tiling course has been designed to transform you from novice, with little to no experience, to a level where you have confidence to start tiling with ceramics, either within your own property projects or as the start of a new career.

Throughout the week you will be taught how and where to tile, in every situation possible, and to ensure the best look to the finished wall. We place a lot of emphasis on planning and preparation!

What you will learn

The week starts with a Health and Safety discussion leading onto a run through of the tools required to start basic wall and floor tiling with ceramic and some stone tiles.

Your tiling starts with a straight wall run from a base line moving up to an off-set tiles and a diagonal pattern. Once this has been completed to your and our satisfaction the wall is grouted and mastic applied to any area required.

The second wall set of tiling involves more complicated hand cutting of tiles to work around obstacles such as wash hand basins, shaver sockets, waste pipes and window reveals.

Other skills

Throughout the week you will use hand tile cutters, lazer levels, parrot snips, standard tile snips, hand tile saws, tile rubbing stones, tile files, beading mitre blocks, powered hole cutters and wet diamond wheel cutters and you will be introduced to a range of time saving tools and handy tips.

The last part of the week includes the setting out, cutting and fixing of floor tiles in a small bathroom sized floor area, whatever the style of tile.

The aim of the five-day tiling course is to give you the relevant skills necessary to undertake a range of domestic tiling projects which may include a kitchen, bathroom, en-suite, domestic shower, worktop or hall/conservatory walls and floor tiling.

What the tiling course covers:

  • Preparing plastered brick or block walls
  • Planning - Tools Checklist their use and safety precautions
  • Tile Calculator - Working out the number of tiles required for a project
  • Choosing the right adhesive, grout and trowel for the area to be tiled
  • Surface preparation, setting out, tiling, cutting tiles, grouting and sealing
  • Creating Gauging rods (lathes) for measuring and planning
  • Finding horizontal and vertical centres
  • Fixing battens
  • Applying adhesive and fixing tiles
  • Measuring and marking tiles, scribing into walls and corners
  • Measuring, cutting and fitting beading (extruded trim)
  • Selecting tile motif
  • Cutting tiles using mechanical, and electrical wet cutters and hand tools
  • Grouting, grout cleaning, removal and polishing
  • Preparation for and application of silicon
  • Removal and repair of damaged tiles

Plastering course

Your course in plastering will teach you how to repair and re-skim damaged or old plaster walls, and will show you the materials and procedures required. The plastering course provides all of the basics to move forward and expand your plastering knowledge through hands on experience.

You will be using British Gypsum Multi Finish plaster onto plasterboard from the first day to the last, on this hands-on one week Intensive Plastering Course.

All materials and tools for the Plastering Course are provided and we also have the facility to purchase the necessary tools at far better prices than the shop list price.

The course has a maximum of eight students to one instructor. This ensures you will have as much one-to-one instructor interaction as you require. We endeavour to ensure that our one week Plastering Course is one of the best Plastering Training Courses available. As such, you can be sure that your Training in Plastering with the Building Skills Academy will be a worthwhile investment.


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